Nginx access log 분석 툴 Goaccess

환경 : centos 6.5

사이트 :

yum 으로 goaccess 설치


설정 파일 수정

관련 값 주석 제거.


html 로 결과 생성



Nginx 1.10.3 설치

환경 : centos 7.3

다운로드 페이지 :

/usr/local/src 업로드 후 압축해제 및 설치


설정 파일 대략 설정


실행파일 생성자동으로 생겼었나..?..


실행파일 실행 권한주기


서버 시작시 실행 추가




Nginx access log 분석 툴 Awstats

환경 : centos 6.5

사이트 :

awstats 설치.

awstats 설정.


—– AWStats awstats_configure 1.0 (build 1.9) (c) Laurent Destailleur —–
This tool will help you to configure AWStats to analyze statistics for
one web server. You can try to use it to let it do all that is possible
in AWStats setup, however following the step by step manual setup
documentation (docs/index.html) is often a better idea. Above all if:
– You are not an administrator user,
– You want to analyze downloaded log files without web server,
– You want to analyze mail or ftp log files instead of web log files,
– You need to analyze load balanced servers log files,
– You want to ‘understand’ all possible ways to use AWStats…
Read the AWStats documentation (docs/index.html).

—–> Running OS detected: Linux, BSD or Unix

—–> Check for web server install

Enter full config file path of your Web server.
Example: /etc/httpd/httpd.conf
Example: /usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf
Example: c:\Program files\apache group\apache\conf\httpd.conf
Config file path (‘none’ to skip web server setup):
> none

Your web server config file(s) could not be found.
You will need to setup your web server manually to declare AWStats
script as a CGI, if you want to build reports dynamically.
See AWStats setup documentation (file docs/index.html)

—–> Update model config file ‘/etc/awstats/awstats.model.conf’
File awstats.model.conf updated.

—–> Need to create a new config file ?
Do you want me to build a new AWStats config/profile
file (required if first install) [y/N] ? y

—–> Define config file name to create
What is the name of your web site or profile analysis ?
Example: demo
Your web site, virtual server or profile name:

—–> Define config file path
In which directory do you plan to store your config file(s) ?
Default: /etc/awstats
Directory path to store config file(s) (Enter for default):
> 엔터

—–> Create config file ‘/etc/awstats/’
Config file /etc/awstats/ created.

—–> Add update process inside a scheduler
Sorry, does not support automatic add to cron yet.
You can do it manually by adding the following command to your cron:
/usr/share/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/ -update
Or if you have several config files and prefer having only one command:
/usr/share/awstats/tools/ now
Press ENTER to continue…
A SIMPLE config file has been created: /etc/awstats/
You should have a look inside to check and change manually main parameters.
You can then manually update your statistics for ‘‘ with command:
> perl -update
You can also build static report pages for ‘‘ with command:
> perl -output=pagetype

Press ENTER to finish…


설정 파일 수정

nginx 로그 파일 경로를 작성해 준다.
static 폴더 생성


static html 생성

로그파일을 분석해서 dir 폴더에 html 파일을 생성해 준다.
여기서 nginx root 폴더로 경로를 바꿔서 해당 경로로 접속해도 되고 나같은 경우는 해당 dir 폴더를 nginx 에서 임의의 포트로 root를 잡고 접속할 수 있게 수정하였다.